The children of Iraq are the nation’s future but today, they are in crisis. An estimated 800,000 were orphaned over ten years of war. More than 1 million have been displaced by ISIS. Thousands work on the streets or in other unsafe places. Too many children are vulnerable to recruitment and exploitation by criminals or terrorists, as well as physical abuse and human trafficking. They face illiteracy, poverty, malnutrition, and the profound effects of trauma and loss. The need is urgent, but with your help, ICF is devoted to making a difference for Iraq’s most vulnerable children.


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Young Ambassadors to participate in 2017 5K as the face of Iraq’s most vulnerable children; Mayor, Dignitaries, Veterans show support

The Iraqi Children Foundation (ICF) will host its 5th Annual “In Their Shoes” 5K run/walk on May 20, 2017 at the US Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, Virginia. The 5K will benefit Iraq’s most vulnerable: orphans, street children, and kids displaced by ISIS. ICF is honored to recognize three Young Ambassadors from Iraq, who …

The Iraqi Children Foundation intervenes with love and hope in the lives of Iraqi children who are vulnerable to extremists, criminals, human traffickers, abuse, and neglect.

The mission of the Iraqi Children Foundation is to partner with Iraqis and Americans to invest in Iraq’s orphans, street children, and displaced children by –

  • Being a voice for children with no voice
  • Mobilizing resources to invest in education, health, protection, and trauma care
  • Emphasizing sustainable hand-up initiatives over hand-outs
  • Investing in training and capacity building of Iraqis caring for children


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Your contributions make it possible to:

  • Provide food and clothing;
  • Empower community leaders;
  • Tend to trauma