Wheelchairs for Iraqi Children: ICF Partners with Iraqi NGO "We Do Help" to Give Disabled Children Mobility and Dignity

The Iraqi Children Foundation (ICF)    is pleased to announce a new project with the Iraqi NGO We Do Help to provide electric wheelchairs to disabled children.



For these vulnerable disabled children, an electric wheelchair means more than improved mobility:  it means dignity and independence, and a relief from hardship for the families who care for them.

A little girl suffering from a congenital disability has no legs.  Another boy, an orphan, is considered ninety percent disabled.  Still another boy has brittle bone disease which makes him very fragile.  For these children, an electric wheelchair is life-changing. 

ICF in honored to join We Do Help and its Founder and President, Ms. Zena Qaragholi, in bringing smiles to the faces of these children and giving them love and hope for a better future.   

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Cindy Fogleman