Rumaila and BP Raise Funds for Iraqi Children at Christmas Fun Run in Basra, Iraq


BP and its partners at Rumaila Operating Organization in Basrah, Iraq, organized a Christmas “fun run” and other activities to raise funds for Iraq’s orphans and vulnerable children.  Decked out in holiday costumes, the runners raised over $17,000, a record according to Julian O’Connell, Deputy General Manager of Rumaila and BP Iraq General Manager. Watch the fun run and O’Connell’s remarks.   

The Iraqi Children Foundation (ICF) expressed its profound gratitude to BP and Rumaila for its generous support for Iraqi children.  Special thanks go to Brendhan Skerritt and Chris Boyd for their leadership.

 Donations from the Rumaila Fun Run will support ICF’s core projects in 2019:

  • Hope Bus 1 and 2 that provide tutoring, healthy meals, and social services to orphans and street kids,

  • The “Street Lawyers” who provide legal protection to children at risk of exploitation and trafficking, as well as access to legal documents required for school and government benefits, and

  • Social Services that help end child labor, provide medical care, mediation in the home, and other assistance to the most vulnerable children.  

To sign up to support Iraq’s orphans, street kids, and children displaced by violence, go to:   For more information about ICF or its initiatives, contact ICF at

The Iraqi Children Foundation (ICF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity located at 701 W Broad St., Suite 301, Falls Church, VA 22046. Phone:  (703) 635-7990.  All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  A financial statement is available upon written request from the Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs.

Cindy Fogleman