HOPE BUS 2 LAUNCHES: Expanding Education, Nutrition, & Dreams for Iraq’s Orphans and Most Vulnerable Children


Building on the success of Hope Bus 1, Hope Bus 2 launched on November 11, 2018, in a second, poor neighborhood in Baghdad.  Like Hope Bus 1, the second bus provides tutoring, nutrition, health care, social services, and fun to orphans, street kids, and children displaced by violence.   Fifty children registered to join the new Hope Bus 2.

The Hope Bus model is powerful and is manifested in the dreams the children share.  Do they dare to dream big? The kids who just graduated from the first Hope Bus do! They want to be: 

  • a pilot and travel the world

  • a firefighter to save people in explosions

  • an artist like Picasso

  • a comedian to put happiness on people's faces

  • a female engineer to rebuild Iraq

  • a “footballer” representing Iraq to make his parents proud

  • a female astronaut

  • an Olympic swimmer who wins gold, and

  • the first woman president of Iraq to prove that women can do everything

That last one – from a girl who dreams of being first female president of Iraq – is stunning.  She dares to dream of a path from a slum-like neighborhood to the presidency. By encouraging dreams like these, the Hope Bus initiative is a priceless part of ICF’s initiatives for Iraqi orphans and vulnerable children.  One girl commented that she learned at the Hope Bus that nothing is impossible. This is the spirit of the Hope Bus project: to give children hope for their future as well as practical support through education, nutrition, and social services.

Tuition for classes, food, and all services for each child on Hope Bus 1 and 2 is approximately $80 per month.  To support a child on the Hope Bus, go to: http://goto.gg/28436  Why not be a dream giver in 2019!

For more information about ICF or its initiatives, contact ICF at cindy@iraqichildren.org

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