Iraq Children Foundation Invests in Second Hope Bus to Tutor, Feed Orphans and Vulnerable Children


ICF is pleased to announce an investment in a second “Hope Bus” to expand educational, nutrition, and other critical services to some of Iraq’s most vulnerable children.  As illustrated above, an ordinary city bus can take on a new life with its magical transformation into a lively, colorful place of learning.   


The first Hope Bus – launched in 2017 – has been delivering tutoring, nutrition, health care, social services, and fun to orphans, street kids, and displaced children living in one of Baghdad’s poorest neighborhoods.  The bus, designed with desks for 40, was quickly filled with 50-55 kids who squeeze aboard to learn reading and writing, science and other academic subjects. They also receive a nutritious lunch and health care as well as other social services to address their needs.  

In its first 12-months of operation, “Hope Bus 1” served 117 boys and girls.  Their stories touched our hearts: some studied hard and graduated to public school; one girl brought several other children to join the bus; another took pens and notebooks home each day to "teach" several other kids what she learned; several split time between work and coming to the Hope Bus. There have been so many stories, and the soon to be launched “Hope Bus 2” will write more. 


Hope Bus 2 is expected to open for operations in the Fall of 2018.  Individuals and organizations interested in supporting tuition for orphans and vulnerable children kids on the Hope Buses, may do so at:   For further information, please contact:

Cindy Fogleman