Support for DCRally4Refugees

ICF Announces Support for DCRally4Refugees;  Makes Appeal for Iraq’s 1.5 M Displaced Children.

August 11, 2016

The Iraqi Children Foundation (ICF) announced today it is joining
a wide cast of humanitarian organizations in strong support of the upcoming August 28 DCRally4Refugees on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

With approximately 1.5 million children displaced by ISIS inside Iraq, ICF appealed for help for these “internal” refugees, forced by ISIS to flee their homes, schools, and loved ones. Already, ICF has undertaken a number of initiatives to address the crisis:

– ICF joined the Austin Rotary in supporting a psychosocial care project for
traumatized children in a camp for families displaced by ISIS.

– ICF joined its “Soccer Salam” coalition partners – EPIC, Karadah Project, and Goals and Dreams – to airlift 5 tons of winter supplies – including warm sleeping bags and blankets– to Iraqi children and families displaced by ISIS.

– ICF with the help of a generous American family provided prosthetic
legs to a young girl who lost both legs, as well as her mother, after ISIS invaded Mosul.

– ICF and its Soccer Salam partners also provided hundreds of “peace baskets” of food as well as soccer balls for children to play.

ICF has also continued to providing loving support to many of Iraq’s 800,000 children orphaned after a decade of war in Iraq, as well as children who were displaced and working on the streets.

For four years, ICF supported a center that provided tutoring, nutritious meals, health care and play for desperately poor orphans and street children.

Today, ICF is operating a vastly expanded initiative to reach up to 2,000 children through “street lawyers” and social workers. Lawyers provide critical legal aid to children caught up in the criminal justice system or in danger of exploitation by criminals, extremists, or human traffickers. The lawyers also provide assistance in recovering missing ID documents that are required to enroll in school and get food and other benefits.

Social workers mediate with families to keep children from the dangers of working on the streets and to address domestic abuse as well as provide health care and other services.

ICF is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) charity whose work began during the decade of war in Iraq when hundreds of thousands of children were orphaned and displaced. American men and women who once served in Iraq are today serving again through ICF.

The DCRally4Refugees will be held at the Sylvan Theater on the National Mall in Washington, DC, on Sunday, August 28, from 9am –2pm. We invite all of you to show up on behalf of Iraq’s 1.5 million displaced children.

To support Iraq’s displaced children, orphans, and street children, please consider a monthly donation, however small.

For questions on ICF or it’s participation at DCRally4Refugees, please contact

Cindy Fogleman