SICF Thanks Triple Canopy

SICF Thanks Triple Canopy for Funding "New Day, New Friends" Book for Iraqi Orphans

January 20, 2012

With generous financial backing from Triple Canopy, Inc., the Sponsor Iraqi Children Foundation, LitWorld, and The Children’s Village have partnered to create a special story book using friendly animals to help Iraqi orphans build resilience in the face of years of violence, grief, and trauma. 

The children’s book, entitled “New Day, New Friends,” illustrates 7 strengths that can help heal the wounds of the past and build a positive, confident outlook on life.  The 7 strengths are:

Belonging: Feeling needed, loved, and a respected part of one’s family, community and the world as a whole.

Compassion:  Tenderness towards others in the world who are in need, near or far.

Esteem:  Feeling respect and admiration for others and for oneself.

Friendship:  Ability to have close, trusting relationships with others.

Confidence:  Ability to think independently and express oneself with assurance.

Curiosity:  Willingness to explore new territory and test new theories.

Hope:  Optimism and belief that today’s efforts will produce good things for oneself and for the world in the future.

The storybook includes a discussion guide for adult caregivers to help vulnerable orphaned children apply the 7 strengths to their young lives.   The book will be distributed in Iraq by local leaders who participate in Community Care Worker (CCW) training designed by The Children’s Village and SICF. 

The book was written under the supervision of LitWorld by C. Alexander London, an award-winning author of several children’s books, and is beautifully illustrated by Ying-Hwa Hu, a noted illustrator of numerous children’s books.  SICF President Maxwell Quqa managed input from expert Iraqi advisors as well as the translation of the book into Arabic.

“We are extremely grateful for the advice provided by Iraqi colleagues, funding from Triple Canopy, management by LitWorld Founder Pam Allyn, and professional expertise provided by the Director of Training at The Children’s Village Beth Enser,” said SICF President Quqa.  “We have high hopes for this tool as a way of communicating with Iraqi orphans that is sensitive to their age, cultural experiences, and the trauma they have suffered.  We hope it lightens the load they carry so they can forge a new, positive path in life.” 

Cindy Fogleman