Seattle Student Organizes Run/Walk to Help Iraqi Orphans

June 5, 2012

Jordan Oakes, 7th Grade student at the Seattle Girls School, has organized a “Run/Walk” in Seattle, WA, for Sunday, June 10, 2012, to mobilize support for the orphans and street children of Iraq.

Jordan’s idea began as a “Pay It Forward” project at school. After reading a January oped in the Seattle Times, by Jonathan Webb, Chairman of the Sponsor Iraqi Children Foundation (SICF), Jordan arranged a time to interview Jonathan about the plight of orphans and street children in Iraq. Jordan then took action to organize her own initiative to help these very vulnerable kids. The result is a Run/Walk coming up on June 10.

“I was impressed with Jordan’s interviewing abilities,” Jonathan told colleagues at SICF. “Now, I am doubly impressed with her initiative in taking action to help these kids. My wife and I plan to join the run and support Jordan’s initiative.”

For more details on the run, see this flyer Jordan prepared for the event.

Cindy Fogleman