Parpas, Author of Book on “Alexander the Great in Erbil,” Announces Generous Donation to Iraqi Children

May 27, 2015

Andreas P. Parpas, author of a new book, “Alexander the Great in Erbil: TheMilitary Battle of Gaugamela 331 B.C.; The Political Victory at Arbela,” has announced that royalties from his recently released book will be donated to support Iraq’s most vulnerable children.

Born in Cyprus, Parpas also spent time in Iraq and researched this book – his second book on Alexander the Great – in cooperation with experts from the University of Cyprus and Salaheddin University in Erbil. At an April 23 event at the University of Cyprus, Parpas presented his research on Alexander the Great in Erbil, focusing on the October 1, 331 B.C. Battle of Gaugamela at which Alexander the Great defeated the Persians and was subsequently proclaimed King of Asia in what is modern day Erbil.

“On behalf of the children of Iraq who will benefit from Mr. Parpas’ kindness, we are honored to receive this gift,” said Mohammed Khudairi, ICF’s Vice President –Iraq. “Funds from the book’s royalties will be used to make a life changing difference for children who are desperately needy and vulnerable, including orphans, street children, and those fleeing ISIS.”

Khudairi added: “It’s as if Alexander the Great’s legacy is reaching down through time to benefit the children living in the land he once marched across.”

The book is published by an Amazon company. First year royalties will be donated to the Iraqi Children Foundation (ICF). Future presentations by Parpas are expected in Athens, Erbil, and Dubai. For details on the April event at the University of Cyprus, visit For information on the author, see

Cindy Fogleman