Help Comes for Destitute Orphans in Baghdad

Orphans living in what is virtually a city dump east of Baghdad, Iraq, are now receiving financial support from SICF, thanks to a $500 a month donation by an anonymous U.S. donor.

The project aids 10 orphans and their widowed mothers and relatives who came to SICF’s attention as it investigated the plight of orphans and in that war-torn country and sought solutions to the crisis. The orphans live in an area of destroyed buildings in make-shift “houses” of partial concrete blocks covered by rusted sheets of metal or wooden planks. Among the orphans are a young girl, Fatma, and her brother who lost both of their parents to bombings. They live with a handicapped uncle and their grandmother, the breadwinner.

SICF has provided monthly support of food, clothing, and other basic necessities. SICF also purchased a sewing machine for one widowed mother so that she could start a small sewing business to provide income for her and her children. SICF’s goal over time is to help these families find sustainable sources of income so they are no longer dependent on assistance.

Cindy Fogleman