FedEx and Other Donors Make Surge of Love Flight Possible

October 27, 2011

180 Cartons and Thousands of Items Delivered to Orphans of Iraq

A FedEx flight, landing in the Middle East recently, delivered many of the typical packages and other cargo the world-leading logistics services company expertly delivers everyday for its global customers.  But  this special flight also brought important cargo for some very special people that FedEx delivered free of charge. That cargo included school supplies and other items for Iraqi orphans that were donated to the Sponsor Iraqi Children Foundation’s (SICF) “Surge of Love Flight,” made possible because of FedEx and other donors.

“SICF and its supporters are grateful beyond words to FedEx for its generosity and for making the ‘Surge of Love Flight’ a reality,” said Maxwell Quqa, president of SICF. “FedEx’s compassion and willingness to give sends an important message to the orphans of Iraq: that people care about them, they are not forgotten, and we want to help them move to a better future.”

“We were really touched by SICF’s work with Iraqi orphans. They could not have come to a better place at a better time – FedEx just started a new flight route that significantly improves US-Middle East connectivity, perfect for readily transporting these school supplies and other gifts,” explained David Short, Senior Counsel at FedEx Express. “Every year we set aside space for charitable shipping and are so happy we could lend our expertise and help.”

“If only countries would put down the guns and pick up a pencil we all would be better off. Starting with the children is the perfect way to begin.”  Ms. Carol Van Sleet, Surge of Love Flight Donor

While FedEx provided expert logistical and transportation assistance for the Surge of Love Flight, the contents of the cargo was made possible by the following organizations and individuals as well as numerous anonymous donors:

  • Life for Relief and Development (LIFE)
  • LitWorld
  • Loving Hugs, Inc.
  • URS Corporation
  • Faith Presbyterian Church (PCA)
  • Fogleman, Viera & Associates (Ameriprise Financial) and friends
  • Iraqi Orphan Initiative (IOI)
  • Ayad Mirjan
  • Bonnie Alkhafaji
  • Mr. and Mrs. Zeid Rihani
  • William A. Noellert, Ph.D. & Marilyn J. Seiber, Ph.D., NY Avenue Presbyterian Church, Washington DC
  • Andrew & Andrea Loftus, Mike & Cheryl Allen (Fairfax Community Church)
  • 242 FCC Small Group
  • Raymond Patten
  • Ana Thompson and Kim Evans

The gifts for orphans include approximately 2,600 pounds of school backpacks, boys and girls school shirts, school supplies of all kinds from notebooks to crayons, hundreds of stuffed animals, toothbrushes, and a variety of other items.

“SICF is enormously grateful for and thanks everyone who donated much needed items for the orphans of Iraq,” Quqa said. “Their contributions mean that more children in Iraq are better equipped for school and other activities than before, and the happy looks on their faces says it all.”

While SICF continues to focus on its core mission of training Iraqi NGOs and other Iraqi organizations to properly assist orphans with emotional, developmental and basic living needs, Quqa said that SICF will also support other special humanitarian projects for needy orphans in the future, like this Surge of Love Flight..

Cindy Fogleman