American Foundation Launches a 'Surge of Love' Campaign

Ann Hand creates special pin to draw attention to compassionate cause

A customized “Surge of Love” lapel pin that symbolizes the mission of the Sponsor Iraqi Children Foundation (SICF) was unveiled recently in suburban Washington, D.C.

“This goes a long way in raising awareness of a crisis situation worthy of worldwide attention,” said Maxwell Quqa, SICF president. “The children of Iraq who are orphaned due to death or abandonment never make the headlines, but they are the silent victims of the former regime’s human rights abuses and the subsequent years of sectarian violence.”

Ann Hand, a special guest at the gala event held Thursday, Nov. 19, and the designer of the “Surge of Love” pin, is considered a legend for her jewelry that is inspired by America’s patriotism and freedom. Her famous “Liberty Eagle” pin has been worn by First Ladies, Ambassadors and Senators. It is also featured in former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s recently released book “Read My Pins.” Hand has designed numerous items that pay tribute to America’s military services, including the US Marine Corps and US Army.

The event also marked the first major public fundraising effort by SICF. The U.S. nonprofit organization has partnered with an Iraq-based counterpart to address the crisis facing an estimated 2.5 million orphans and their caregivers.

Ms. Hand participated in a ceremony to honor key individuals and organizations that have supported the Iraqi orphan effort by personally pinning the “Surge of Love” —- pin on Dr. Jeremy Kohomban, President and CEO of the Children’s Village; and Scott Wilson, Vice President and Member of the Philanthropy Committee of Triple Canopy.

Cindy Fogleman