600 Iraqi Orphans/Street Children Profit From Ramadan Food Basket Project

August 18, 2014

Thanks to an outpouring of support from generous donors, the Iraqi Children Foundation (ICF) and its Iraqi NGO partner donated nutritious food packages to 185 destitute homes with orphans and street children in the Baghdad area.

“The number of families we helped this year was more than triple the number of families we were able to help last year,” ICF Chairman Jonathan Webb reported. The majority of the families are headed by widows, some of whom who have as many as 6, 7, or even 8 children under their care. And many families are IDPs (internally displaced people) after a decade of war that preceded the latest dangerous crisis now facing Iraq.

ICF’s Iraqi NGO partner in this project – the Iraq Health Aid Organization (IHAO) – provides widows with training to create their own home businesses, like sewing, hairdressing, or a small shop. Also included in the food distribution were families of desperately poor orphans and street children who attend a Center ICF supports. The Center provides tutoring, meals, emotional care, and other services to these vulnerable children.

ICF expresses its special appreciation to the Iraq Health Aid Organization for its partnership and outstanding work in carrying out this humanitarian project, and also to Ms. Nawara Omary who organized a special event at her art gallery in Virginia to raise more than $800 for the project.

Cindy Fogleman