May Yang Ying (Sumaida'ie)


May Yang Ying Sumaida’ie received her degree in Politics and Government Organization in Beijing, China, and, after a few years working for the government, established a successful IT business which is today a leading software company.  She went on to establish other prominent businesses and, as a result, was named, in 2004, by the National Women Association as the most successful woman entrepreneur.

Mrs. Sumaida’ie joined her husband, Ambassador Sumaida’ie, during his diplomatic assignments in New York as Iraq’s Ambassador to the United Nations, and later, in Washington, DC, as Iraq’s Ambassador to the United States.

Mrs. Sumaida’ie is also an artist and developed her own style of oil painting after studying under the renowned Taiwanese painter Yan Yong Zong.  Her art has been shown at several exhibits.

In addition to the Iraqi Children Foundation (ICF), Mrs. Sumaida’ie has been active in charities to protect and help sick children in China and to provide vocational training for widows in Iraq.